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Friday, November 16, 2018

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Mississippi Gaming Regulator Delays Vote on Proposed Long Beach Casino Site

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Mississippi Gaming Regulator Delays Vote on Proposed Long Beach Casino Site

Gaming commissioners say they need more time to review and investigate before deciding on the proposed casino site

The Mississippi Gaming Commission decided on Thursday to postpone its vote on an application for a site approval for the construction of a casino resort at the site of Kmart in Long Beach, just north of U.S. Route 90 and east of Jeff Davis Avenue, news outlet the Sun Herald reported.

Commenting on the gaming regulator’s decision, Chairman Al Hopkins said that they have more to consider and investigate before voting on the site approval application. Commissioner Jerry Griffith said during yesterday’s meeting that delaying the site approval was not something unusual and that it gave the Commission the opportunity to review the casino proposal in detail and make sure it was following state regulations.

The regulatory body is set to meet again on December 20 in Jackson when it might eventually vote on the proposed site for the casino resort.

Developers plan to build the property on a 12-acre site previously occupied by Kmart and the Sav-A-Center grocery store. The resort will include a 40-000-square-foot casino with 1,200 slot machines and 20 table games. The gaming facility will be located within 800 feet of the mean high water line, as required under Mississippi gaming regulations.

The complex will also feature a seven-story 300-room hotel. The hotel tower will meet the city’s height restrictions, as noted by developers. Under state law, the complex will also have to include a fine dining restaurant.

First Renderings Revealed

During the Thursday meeting, developers presented gaming commissioners with the first pictures of the proposed casino resort, noting that those were only renderings and that construction documents were yet to be submitted, pending site approval by the Commission.

First news about the casino plan emerged two years ago when Long Beach Harbor Resort LLC was registered. The company which will develop the property, if it wins the necessary permissions, is headed by businessman James (Jim) Parrish. Mr. Parrish owns several businesses across South Mississippi.

While site approval is an essential step, it is only the first of many. As mentioned above, it has been two years now since the project was first introduced and it could take years before it materializes, as developers usually need quite some time to sort out site plans and secure financing.

Long Beach voters approved the construction of a casino north of U.S. 90 in a special election that took place in the summer of 2006. During yesterday’s meeting, six city residents said that they favored a gambling venue, while three were against it and two said they were neutral.

Those opposing the construction of the casino cited concerns about increased crime, traffic, and property values.

Long Beach Mayor George Bass was among those to speak in favor of the proposed casino, saying that it would have a positive impact on the city and its stagnant economy, generate millions of dollars for its schools as well as revenue for infrastructure improvements.

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